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At New Era Homes we value attention to detail and ensure our home designs will not disappoint. Our friendly team can tailor your home design and help you on your way to owning your own.

Finalists at the 2023 HIA TRUECORE® Steel Perth Housing Awards

Celebrating Excellence in Homebuilding

We are thrilled to continue our tradition of excellence at the 2023 HIA TRUECORE® Steel Perth Housing Awards. This prestigious event allowed us to showcase our dedication to crafting exceptional living spaces that harmonise style and functionality.

We proudly secured two finalist awards, underscoring our pursuit of innovation and excellence in homebuilding.

Finalist: Project Home Up to $370,000 – Jindalee Home

Perched along the stunning coast in Jindalee is a shining example of our adaptability and commitment to accommodating diverse lifestyle preferences. Embracing a coastal ambiance and an eclectic style, this residence embodies the very essence of coastal living while exuding its distinct character. Its design not only harmonises with the coastal environment but also mirrors our dedication to creating homes that resonate with the unique individuality of their owners.

From the captivating façade to the thoughtful interior layout, this Jindalee home represents a fusion of modern design elements and a coastal feel, establishing itself as a unique and inviting space.

Finalist: Project Home $370,000 to $430,000 – Morley Home

Our Morley home epitomises our ability to blend classic design with stylish chic finishes and minimalist aesthetics. Situated in the popular suburb Morley, this home exudes sophistication by effortlessly combining timeless design with contemporary elements.

Emphasising clean lines, functional spaces, and tasteful brass accents, the Morley home sets a benchmark for modern elegance. Its classic yet stylish chic finishes elevate the standard, creating a space that speaks volumes about our attention to detail.

The recognition of these two beautiful homes in different categories further solidifies our reputation for pushing boundaries in Perth’s home building industry.

As we celebrate these accomplishments, we commend the vision, dedication, and meticulous craftsmanship of our entire team at New Era Homes. These awards stand as a testament to our ongoing commitment to providing homeowners with residences that are not just structures but reflections of dreams and aspirations.


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